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  About David Michaud  

I’ve lived in Beaver County with my wife Heather since November 2014.  Between us, we've raised five children and have 9.5 grandchildren (No.  10 is due in January).  Our acreage has been the home to our greyhounds and a Malamute, and is frequently the safe haven for fostering retired racing greyhounds.

I spent more than two decades in the Communications Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces, serving both in Canada and abroad, and have seen many of the atrocities that go on across the world.  As a result of this and my background, I am not afraid of hard work, long hours and sticking to a job until it is done.

As a father, grandfather and husband, worker, homeowner, etcetera, I know the stresses put on "average" Canadians.

I believe Canadians are ready - and need - to embrace the fresh ideas of the People's Party of Canada (PPC) and we deserve a higher level of integrity from our government officials.

I had never thought of entering politics before, but during the latter part of 2016 and early 2017, my cousin and I were working on starting a party, and were calling it The People's Party of Canada (I did not get the name registered and unlike another individual, will not be suing for infringements).  When I heard Maxime Bernier had actually started the PPC, and had the same feeling on things that my cousin and I have it was, as they say, a "No-Brainer" to join with him.

I am honoured and excited to stand up for the people of Battle River--Crowfoot in the coming election.  We have a lot of work to do between now and then, but I truly believe we can win this election!  I believe in the party's principles of Personal Freedom, Individual Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.  I try to live by these principles and advocate them in my daily life.

I look forward to meeting all of you and I’m asking for your encouragement and support as friends, volunteers and/or contributors.  The time is now.  Let’s grasp this opportunity together!

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Phone - (780) 709-1391

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